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For more than ten years, the founders of 1 Eco Design GmbH were responsible for the research & development and sales of the domestic water heat pump at Europe’s largest manufacturer of these products. Under our responsibility, the first time ever, DHW heat pumps were equipped with a so-called Photovolaik contact, which made it possible to communicate with inverters in order to stock excess electrical energy as thermal energy.. Today, this is the Europe-wide standard and broadly known as SG Ready. Nevertheless, even this feature has sill been optimized in introducing different levels.

Our motivation is not to “experiment” but to intelligently develop our own products in cooperation with the best manufacturers. Ecology, sustainability, efficiency and user-friendliness are the focus of our work – for you and your installer. Your privacy has a special care: None of our products discloses your private data. Your data sremain only with you!

Current developments

Our current development is a new generation of heat pumps for producing domestic hot water. Together with a leading European producer, as well as with state agencies and universities, we have developed a new generation of domestic hot water heat pumps with the environmentally neutral refrigerant R290 (propane). The refrigerant itself is not new, as it is already used in more than 900 million high-quality refrigerators. However, the application and the implementation into domestic water heat pumps is new and innovative. We have succeeded to combine high efficiency and the protection of our environment (Global Warming Potential = 3, no environmental impact) in one refrigerant. R290 complies already today with the legal requirements of the coming years.

Looking at this quantum leap development, you might forget about the other, rather “small” (but not less important) improvements. We have a succeeded in optimizing the CFC-free insulation of the storage tanks in such a way that the heat loss during stand-by operation is minimized. With only 6 watts for the ED 100P / 180P series and 20 watts for the ED 300 series (our top values ​​have been accredited and certified by the WPZ Buchs, the leading HP test center).

New products in the areas of ventilation with heat recovery, smart home (privacy-optimized) and heating are in a development process.